How to Get Free Fire (FF) Custom Room Tickets on the FF Update!

How to Get Free Fire (FF) Custom Room Tickets in this FF Update is something that players should know right now.

Garena free fire has made its latest update which brings in the latest weapons, characters and pet free fire. In addition, Garena also provides several improvements in the game in the form of buffs and nerf free fire weapons.

Garena as the publisher of free fire gives his latest events along with interesting prizes that you can get at this event. The event is called the Wonderlands free fire event. At this event you can get various kinds of prizes that you can collect for free or for a fee.

You must participate in this new event so that you don’t miss the prizes Garena distributed for free in this latest Wonderlands event. Apart from Wonderlands, there are several sub events that you can enjoy too. One of them is an event that is still related to this guild free fire.

We got a leak of an event that you can take part in later. Where at the event a Free Fire Custom Room Ticket will be given in the Latest FF Update 2020.

How to Get Free Fire (FF) Custom Room Tickets

Leaked New Guild Tournament FF Event

The free fire players this time have a mission to collect dog tag free fire. Well, this ff dog tag itself is one of the important items that you must get in this game. Of course, you can get items that are useful and also attractive prizes that you can use in free fire games.

To get this interesting prize, you must have a Guild first, then make a choice in the guild menu in the tournament free fire sub menu. Then, how do you get the free fire dog tag?

We ourselves have explained how to get a free fire dog tag in the post on how to get the 2020 ff dog tag. Well, all you have to do is follow these methods so you can get prizes from those in this free fire event.

New Free Fire Guild Tournament Event

The way to get this FF custom room is quite easy, you will only start the FF tournament. After that, you will immediately get a custom room card to start the tournament.

That way, have a leak about how to get a free custom room in this free fire. Reportedly, the guild tournament ff event is already in Brazil’s free fire. Where the players who managed to get the ff dog tag that matched what was needed. Then you can get free gifts that are useful in this game.

You can get the 4 newest prizes in this Garena update very easily. Make sure you get these prizes so you can open your own custom room in this Garena Free Fire.

So, let’s just wait for this latest event to arrive at Indonesia’s own servers. Don’t forget to complete the Wonderlands Free Fire event mission today!

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