All 3rd Free Fire Birthday Events After FF Maintenance!

For now, all 3rd birthday events for Free Fire (FF) after FF Maintenance has been seen, so we all just have to wait for the maintenance to finish and can try the event later. Especially in the future, you all have to know, if at this time a birthday event is the thing to look forward to. So it is only natural that for example there are many players, expecting big on a cool event after the August ff update is over as well.

Every event that is presented in the Free Fire game is indeed quite good and very interesting. The prizes that we can get, are in large quantities and are profitable. So things like this won’t make us feel bored when playing the Free Fire game. We’ll just wait, because currently there is maintenance on August 12 Free Fire.

Even though we have to wait for this, leaks about the present event have indeed appeared. So while waiting you have to know about the event, so that when it starts it can be completed immediately.

The following are some explanations of all the events that were presented on the 3rd Anniversary of the Free Fire game this August:

Time Tunnel

The events that are present today are indeed diverse, you will also play in an event that has never been experienced either. So this is an event called Time Tunnel, you have to work with all players from all over the world. In order to get cool prizes, because this event uses the Milestone System.

The prizes from the event too, are quite good and very interesting for us to get. You will have the opportunity to get a prize Slaugther Party MP40 Box, Hysterical Laugh and Hand Of Victory. Of course, a gift like this is quite profitable for us to get later.

On the mission of this event too, there are still many other cool prizes that you can get. But for the main and big prize, you will definitely feel very satisfied. If you’re lucky, then you can get the MP40 Slaugther Party Weapon Skin permanently from the box. This event takes place from 13 to 30 August 2020.

Drop Blue Chip Tokens or Gacha Tokens

Currently, events related to Tokens are usually present during Map exploration. Of course that way those of you who are competing, will definitely be able to find tokens that are useful enough for us to use during the event.

At this birthday event, we will get a token named Blue Chip Token. You can get this token if you play in a match, yes, it’s the same as a token that is looted as usual. Moreover, later you can use these Tokens for Gacha at other events.

This event period will take place from 13 to 30 August 2020.

Blue Chip Token Completes Match

Previously, we managed to get it by looting, but for this we can get it by completing the match. Of course this will make the players too, will have no trouble completing the event Blue Chip Token the.

But the difference is something like this will take place on August 22, 2020 only. So you could say a special day and only on that day for the current event. Anyway, Free Fire players, can’t miss collecting these Tokens from the match or after the match.

Normal Time Capsule

When you already have the Token, you will have to use it immediately at this event too. So a function of Blue Chip Token we can use it for this event. There are many cool prizes that can be obtained from this event. Moreover, all of these things, will definitely benefit all of us.

You will have the opportunity to get a prize A Set of Pyshco Maniac, Pet Phanter and Phanter themed Skin. Of course a gift like this, will benefit all of us. So, don’t forget to do it later, to be able to choose the right gift.

This event takes place from August 13 to 30, 2020.

Ultra Time Capsule

If the previous one was normal, we will get other events related to this token too. Of course, all of you definitely won’t want to miss that event, because the prizes given are quite attractive. By using Blue Chip Token that, we can exchange cool prizes from this event.

This event will take place from August 22 to 23, but the prizes of the event are Jaws Maniac Mask and Hysteric Maniac Cool backpack. Surely you guys at this time, can’t forget the event that was being presented.

Free Character Login

In the past, we also discussed about 26 Free Fire Characters who will be present at the Birthday event of the Free Fire game. So of course all of you shouldn’t miss this event, because the prizes are quite good and very interesting.

The prizes that can be obtained from this event are only 7 Days characters, but they are useful for all of us. This event will take place from 13 to 30 August 2020. So don’t miss the event, everyone.

Free Magic Cube

So maybe this event will be awaited by the players, yup The Magic Cube event is one of the festive peaks of the Free Fire game Birthday event. So just like before, we will definitely like this game even more. Moreover, to get these rare items is quite easy.

We can get this Magic Cube on August 22, 2020 only, so for the next date we won’t be able to anymore. You won’t get the Magic Cube right away, but you have to collect it Fragment Magic Cube the. Maximal of Fragment Magic Cube what we can get is 100 pieces only, so this is a total enough to get 1 Magic Cube.

You have to finish the match, so you can get this prize. So on August 22, 2020, you shouldn’t forget the presence of the event.

Free Character + Awakening Shard

If you want to know, now the Hayato Character will indeed get the latest Awakening version which is quite cool. Of course with that, we Hayato players, must be able to immediately do Hayato Awakening. Even though it might be this player, it would be confused to get the Awakening Shard as an awakening requirement.

Now, in Free Fire’s 3rd anniversary event, we can all get Awakening Shard for free too. Not only that item, but we can also get a character named as a bonus in the event. You could say that the Free Harvest Characters and the Awakening Shard, as a bonus.

This event will be present, on August 22, 2020. So don’t forget to log in on that date, to be able to get cool prizes that are present. The characters that we can get from this event are Laura, Moco, Wukong, Steffie, Paloma, Rafael, Kla, Kelly, A124, Maxim, Shani and Antonio. You can only choose 1 character, but get the Awakening Shard bonus immediately.

The events that are presented in the Free Fire game are indeed quite good and interesting for us to try. Of course that way you have to take part in this event, because the prizes given are indeed many. Even though this is the main and interesting event, you can get other prizes at some of the latest events that will also be present in the future.

There are still many cool surprises in this Free Fire game, so we all can’t miss the Birthday event.

That’s all about all the 3rd Free Fire Birthday Events that you can enjoy after FF Maintenance! , Thank you and Regards, Booyah.

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