DJ Alok FF’s glasses do not appear on Free Fire Indonesia

It turns out that we need to know if DJ Alok’s glasses don’t appear in Free Fire Indonesia, something like this is one thing that is enough for all the players from the server to be confused. Because of them yesterday we also know some important things, where there is something new related to the current update in the Free Fire game.

Not only that, all this new information is indeed quite useful for all of us. So you shouldn’t miss all of this, because there are definitely many beneficial things that we can get from the Operation Chrono Free Fire event. It’s just strange, why is there a new leak from Kulgar but it has never been released until now.

DJ Alok’s glasses don’t appear on Free Fire Indonesia?

There are already a lot of updates that are currently present and of course you really shouldn’t miss all of these things. Especially with the new information now, you can also find out a number of things that are related to DJ Alok’s glasses. Yup, the item was leaked yesterday but has not been presented until now.

Kulgar who gave information about DJ Alok Free Fire Glasses, where later you will get from the latest Top Up Event. But it turns out that until now in December 2020, we haven’t attended the event at all. Even Kulgar said that Tomorrow you can get this item by Top Up, but until now it hasn’t been presented at all.

But Esportsku will also comment on this, because every event that is present in the Free Fire game appears and is not on the game server either. For example, on an Indonesian server, Event A is present, later there will be a server that cannot receive such an event. Maybe these glasses are also present not from Top Up, but other events that are much better.

Especially for now, we do have a lot of big profits from all the events that were present. There is only a second possibility, all of these recent events will make the top up absent. Because what we know is that these events are more in the Top Up section of the game too.

So of course Garena made the event, as if it was hit by a long delay. We can indeed get this Eyeglass Skin from DJ Alok for free, but if it is a matter of how to get it, it is not certain that it will also be from Top Up or not.

But for now, we only need to monitor the developments in Garena’s information later. Because with that, there must be a lot of big profits for us to feel from here. That’s why you become even more capable, to compete and get all these new events too.

Especially for now the Cosmic Race Free Fire Mode is ready to come and there will be lots of cool prizes to try. That way you won’t be short of new events, because all the things that are presented in Free Fire now bring a pretty big profit for you later.

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