5 Tips for Taking Free Fire Drop Supply, Good FF Drop!

Free Fire is a shooting game with a battle royal genre. This game is quite famous in Indonesia and there are quite a lot of players who play it. There are also many types of weapons that you can use, so the way to play is also different. Not only weapons, characters in Free Fire are also unique because they have skills that you can use in matches. Now we will discuss about Loot in Free Fire, namely tips for taking Free Fire Supply Drop

When you look for weapons in Free Fire, you can get them in various places. You can find them in various places such as houses, roads, corpses, even if you are lucky, you find Supply drops that can give rare weapons. By finding this weapon, you can use it to attack enemies. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with hoarding and preparing to attack the enemy later.

One of the drops that we will discuss now is the supply drop. As you know, supply drops are rarely found. Once you find it, its existence is very open, or you could say many people saw it. When the supply drop drops, the box will emit smoke that you can see even from a distance. Because the contents of the box are pretty good, many players are eyeing the box to get good weapons. But there are many ways to get the Supply drop when you find it.

Here we have Tips for Taking Supply Drop in Free Fire that you can try. When you find a supply drop, you can use the following method to retrieve the contents of the supply drop, either forcibly or passively taking it.


Tips for Taking Drop Supply

If you are impatient and want to pick up what is in the box, you can immediately run towards the supply drop and immediately take the contents. After that, you can use the weapons in the supply drop to attack the enemies around you. This method is rather barbaric and risky, because you don’t know what the box contains. It may or may not be useful.


Tips for Taking Drop Supply

You can do the following strategies in attacking the enemy. You can wait for other people to take the supply box and when they are busy picking up what is in the box, you immediately attack the enemy. The thing that makes it risky is, what weapon or item the enemy takes makes him get a big advantage. However, this method is effective because you can attack the enemy first, and cause the enemy to panic.


This is almost the same as the duck and wait strategy. The difference is, you can take what is in the box, after that you put the landmine around the box quickly and wait in the bushes to see who will hit the bomb. This is less effective but quite effective, because the enemy does not know whether the contents of the box have been taken or not. After that, you get the advantage because the bomb you install will inflict high damage on the enemy.


When you want a safe but flashy way, using a vehicle is also effective. You can use the car to retrieve the contents of the supply drop and use the car as a shield. That way, you can safely take the contents of the supply.


If you can’t carry a vehicle, you can use Gloo Walls as an alternative. Even though you can’t run as fast as a vehicle, at least the Gloo Walls won’t explode if the enemy continues shooting.

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Those are the tips for taking Supply Drops on Free Fire that you can try. If you have doubts about the contents of Supply Drop and have trauma because you always die when you want to retrieve the contents. You can ignore the contents of the supply drop and continue hoarding safely.

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