PUBG vs Free Fire (FF) Game Mode Comparison

Battle royale is getting more popular lately, indicated by the amount of battle royale game that keeps on appearing. In mobile world, two of the best battle royale games is still PUBG and Free Fire as of today. So now we have some PUBG vs Free Fire game mode comparison for you to know.

PUBG vs Free Fire (FF) Game Mode Comparison

As a battle royale game, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire gives you a similar game mode. But both games still have their own characteristics. Even though both games are battle royale games, but the challenge and the excitement remain different. Here’s some short comparison of both games.

PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile, there will be up to 100 players in a single match. There are various maps in PUBG. With the huge amount of players, then the map size of this game is also big, which is 8 × 8 on the biggest map, Erangel.

Other than the map size and the amount of players, the gameplay duration is also quite long. With the huge map and many players fighting each other, a single game can take up to an hour. Which is why, playing PUBG requires a really high quality device that is capable of playing a game this huge.

Free Fire

In Free Fire, a single battle royale game will contain up to 50 players. In terms of map, there are less map variation in Free Fire, and the map size is not that big.

With a total players of 50 and a small map, the gameplay duration is obviously faster than PUBG. Which is why this game is suitable for someone who wants to play with a faster gaming pace.


By looking at the explanation above, you can see that PUBG offers you some more complex gameplay than Free Fire. Which is why, PUBG gameplay is way more immersive for the players.

On the other hand, Free Fire offers you a faster gameplay than PUBG Mobile. But with the Livik map now available in PUBG, then it can actually challenge Free Fire in terms of gameplay speed. It’s because Livik is a 2 × 2 map with up to 52 players battling for a win in a single match.

So if you ask which one is more challenging, then PUBG is the answer. But if you’re looking for a simpler and faster gameplay, then Free Fire is your right choice.

And that’s some PUBG vs Free Fire game mode comparison that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!