How to Get Red and White FF Tokens at the Free Fire Event

How to get FF red and white tokens at the Free Fire Event is very easy for you to do. With close proximity to Indonesia atgahayu on August 17, Free Fire will also hold quite interesting and many events. One such event is collecting red and white tokens which will later be exchanged for many other items.

It is important for you to collect it because the items that can be exchanged at this event are very interesting and cool. So don’t miss this one event. It is important to collect lots of tokens which later will be very useful for many items.

For you new players, it doesn’t matter because the mission to get this token is not difficult. So everyone can take part in this event very easily. It will take a while, so at least no player will be left behind if they take part in the event from the first day.

Here we will provide information about how to get the Free Fire event red and white token which you can exchange later. Try to follow all the events that are running this August so that you can get lots of items easily.

Red and White Token

How to get this token is not difficult, in fact you can continue to play without stopping to easily get this item. With items that can be exchanged, you will be even better.

The way to get this red and white token is very easy, you only need to keep playing free fire to get a chance to get a token. The tokens that you can get every time you play are around 1 – 2 tokens.

for this event itself will last from date 9 – 17 August 2020.

Token Exchange

You will use these tokens to be exchanged for various interesting items. Collect lots of tokens to drill the existing shop later. some of the items available are;

List of prizes:

  • 40 Red and White Tokens + 15 Fist of Heroes Tokens = UMP Geisha
  • 20 Red and White Tokens = Acc – Red Keffiyeh
  • 10 Red and White Tokens = UMP Geisha Gun Box (Max 10)
  • 5 Fist of Heroes Token = Gold Royale Voucher (Max 10)
  • 2 Red and White Tokens = Treasure Map

This item exchange event lasts from the date 9 – 19 August 2020.

By collecting a lot of these tokens you can get several items. Of course, the mandatory items that you are looking for are UMP Geisha and also Red Keffiyeh. You must have these two items because they are very cool skins. Gold Royale Vouchers aren’t too bad either if you need them. Try to redeem at UMP Geisha and Red Keffiyeh.

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That’s how to get the red and white token for the Free Fire event that is important for you to collect. Later you will redeem for many attractive prizes. With the UMP Geisha main prize, of course you can’t pass it at all. Also follow our social media on Instagram.


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