Introducing the Healthy Gameplay System Feature at PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that provides interesting gameplay that makes many gamers willing to spend hours in one day playing this game. Of course it’s not good for health. Now PUBG Mobile itself has made the Healthy Gameplay System feature.

The battle royale game genre has indeed been on the rise lately. Many people are interested, not only among gamers themselves but also from the general public who are interested in trying this game genre.

This is natural because the battle royale game provides a more relaxing nuance for the players. Moreover, PUBG Mobile itself, whose gameplay alone is considered to be troublesome and more difficult.

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But a game is not wise if you take advantage of the busy number of active players every day. Indeed, playing games, especially when they are push rank, makes players go crazy in playing the game. But of course it’s not good for health.

Healthy Gameplay System PUBG Mobile

Realizing this, PUBG Mobile is aware that making loyal players to be active for hours every day to stare at the smartphone screen is not good for health. Therefore PUBG Mobile issued the Healthy Gameplay System feature.

This system is useful for providing notifications or notifications to PUBG Mobile players by displaying notifications on the player’s smartphone screen. For players who have played PUBG Mobile for hours in one day, they will be given a health reminder to be able to take a break from playing games because they have exceeded the normal limit in playing games.

Two Types of Notifications

There are two types of notifications from the Healthy Gameplay System feature. The first type of notification will appear when the player has spent a total of 4 hours in the day. A notification will appear asking if the player is 18 years old?

If the player is not yet 18 years old, a notification will appear again for 5 seconds asking the player to take a break before continuing the game again. If the player is 18 years old, two hours later a notification will appear again asking him to rest. The duration for these players to rest for a moment is around 15 minutes.

So the fair limit for a player who is not 18 years old is 4 hours a day, while the normal limit for a player who is 18 years old and over is 6 hours a day.

This Healthy Gameplay System feature is implemented in Indonesia, which, as we know, players from Indonesia are crazy about playing games. Moreover, the number of kids who played too.