Mystery Top Up FF Presents Cool Free Fire Items!

Now we have a Top Up Event in the Free Fire game, the prizes that you can get are also very good and very profitable. This time there is a Mystery Top Up FF Presenting Cool Free Fire Items!

After you top up only 100 Diamonds, you will be able to get the Carnival Carnage Blueprint. This Blueprint function can also be used to get a Slugther Party skins which is pretty creepy.

All players can take part in the event only by doing a Top Up, especially for players who have subscribed to the Elite Pass. This is also because Evolution Stone finally it can also be used to exchange one of the Slughter Party Bundles that are currently in progress.

Not only that, now those of you who want to do a top up can get a big profit again. Because Garena Free Fire has re-released the Diamond Additional Bonus Event when we Top Up. This is the Top Up and Past Mystery Event has also been held.

However, the Free Fire Mystery Top Up event does not appear on the News Tab or in the usual event menu. Maybe some of you must be feeling strange about this one incident, but there’s no need to worry.

On this occasion, we will provide several ways to get additional bonuses on the Free Fire Diamond Top Up.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Mystery Top Up FF Presents Cool Free Fire Items!

  1. Enter your Free Fire Game

The first thing you need to do is by logging into the Free Fire game, you can also decide for yourself if you have 2 accounts. Is it the first account that you want to fill in or the second account that you want to fill in Diamonds, but we recommend that you fill in an account that is often played.

  1. Enter the Diamond Purchase Tab in the Free Fire Mystery Top Up

When you have entered the game, just go straight to the Diamond purchase tab. You do this by pressing the diamond icon next to Gold in the top tab. After that you will immediately enter the purchase tab.

  1. See the Total Bonus you get

When you have entered the purchase tab, you will be able to see a percentage of the Diamond purchase bonus that you will get. Suppose you get a purchase bonus of up to 80%, then every Diamond purchase you make will get that much Bonus.

But the things you need to remember again, Free Fire Mystery Top Up for each account is different at the current event. It’s also possible that you will get a bigger Mystery Top Up Free Fire bonus. This is if in the past I often did Mystery Top Up Free Fire diamonds.

There are also some people who get Mystery Top Up Free Fire bonuses of up to 80% and above because they used to do Top Ups often. If you rarely do this, then the chances are that the bonus will only be given under 60%.

Even so, you certainly have nothing to lose in receiving additional Diamonds when making purchases later.

That’s all we can say, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates