PUBG Mobile Season 11 is Coming Soon!

After so many players asked “When will Season 11 start?”, Finally all of us PUBG Mobile players have received a notice that is soothing. Because the party from Tencent itself has provided an explanation, that PUBG Mobile Season 11 will soon open in January 2020.

The party from Tencent itself has given a Clue, that later Season 11 will appear on the weekend now. It will also begin with an update with new content, you can download it immediately in the near future.

But what you need to know, Tencent doesn’t fully explain Season 11 in full. However, they have also reported this on the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account.

The PUBG Mobile Twitter account in India yesterday reported with the words, “Something is being prepared”. The post they provide also attaches a Season 11 teaser and leaks a theme that will later become Season 11.

The poster in the post looks like it displays a fairly modern Cyberpunk element, of course this will be one of the things that many players are waiting for, of course. Meanwhile, Tencent has also provided a Teaser and there have been many other leaks regarding the renewal.

Tencent has also fixed a Lag Issue, a problem some players have been experiencing for months. The emergence of a new weapon, the DBS Shotgun, which will be introduced to PUBG Mobile. Even so, more details will appear in the Season 11 patch notes update.

Even so, Tencent has not disclosed about the emergence of Season 11. Apart from that, you have to be patient because the PUBG Mobile game will experience some interference from Network Problems. This problem will actually be resolved on January 8, 2020 yesterday.

According to rumors from Tencent, the network problem for the past few hours is either an in-game upgrade or you really need to do a game update. If all this happened on January 8, 2020 yesterday, then it is certain that the next Patch update will not be long.

All of this depends on the authority of Tencent, we as players can only wait patiently for the decisions made by Tencent. This is also related to the Tencent event, which is making PUBG Mobile Esports big in 2020 today.

This latest tournament is for PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 and registration has been opened. This tournament is on an international scale and there will be a lot of pro players who will compete in this tournament.

Later you will be given a prize of $ 5 million, even now the prize is bigger than the previous Tournament in 2019.

Those are some of the information that we can convey at this opportunity, what do you think? Season 11 of PUBG Mobile will soon begin, so those of you who like to collect skins from the PUBG Mobile Season don’t miss it.

Because Tencent presents a very Futuristic Skin for its players, it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss to get one of these skins.

Thank you.


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