Victory Wings FF Free Fire’s Latest Loot Crate

Now there is a Victory Wings Weapon Box Free Fire Sale, where it will give you a skin that is cool enough to collect. In the future, there are certain things that have to do with Box, which will definitely be one of the things we will not miss. Because in this box later, we can get an item that is quite good.

Of course, until now, every item sold in the Free Fire game has indeed been numerous and very interesting. Of course, don’t forget to try to buy the items that were sold. Because things like this, it is good enough for us to try – try later. Who knows from selling these items, you can get permanent items that are really cool.

On this occasion, we will explain new information about this item in Free Fire now. Maybe later you will be even more interested in getting these items. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation, in the article below.

Victory Wings Weapon Box Free Fire

Every item sold in this game will indeed be useful and can help Free Fire players too. Now the item that is usually sold quite cheaply in the shop is the Weapon Loot Crate, in this item we can get the Skin of the Free Fire weapon which is quite cool. Of course you could say, buying from this item includes Gacha as well.

You have to be able to find out too, if for example from here it is not easy to be able to get the skin permanently. You really have to do Gacha and if you’re lucky, the skin given to this item can be obtained permanently. There are already many Free Fire players too, where they can get this skin easily.

Get this weapon skin immediately

So maybe what Victory Wings is selling right now is one of your best opportunities. Because the weapon skins that are presented in the Box are quite good and of course very interesting for us to get later. In this box, there are 3 weapons that get the best skin, with the theme Victory Wings which is quite good.

Of course you really shouldn’t miss this sale because it is quite good and very interesting for us to try later too. The sales price given to this box too, is classified as one that is quite cheap. Only need to take out 35 Diamonds, we can get the Box and get the Skin prize.

If you are lucky, you can immediately get this weapon skin with just one box purchase. You can get it not daily, but it can be permanent. Of course things like this too, are quite beneficial for all of us in the future. The following is the information on the weapon’s stats, which is the weapon that gets this skin.


Ammo ++

Reload Speed ​​-


Range +

Accuracy +

Reload Speed ​​-


Damage +

Ammo +

Range –

Each stat given to this skin will help you when you compete later. So try this way for you guys too, don’t forget to buy the Box. Because this is pretty good, and the opportunity to get cool weapon skins later.

The sales that are presented in the Free Fire game are indeed quite unique and cool for us to buy too. The items presented are all interesting, which we shouldn’t miss later. Therefore, all of you, don’t forget to buy this Victory Wings Box.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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