The Latest Gun King FF Mode, Playing Free Fire Is Even More Exciting!

For 2020, there are already lots of interesting games that you can try in the future. Every game that is present, will definitely provide different excitement. For example, like the Free Fire Game, where all of you will experience a variety of different challenges when playing it. This time there is the Latest Gun King FF Mode which you can play free fire with your friends.

Garena is the direct developer of this Free Fire game, so all updates and events provided by them are pretty good. Even the Free Fire Character Feature used by the player is still often used today.

So in this way, all of you will definitely try many unique things in the Free Fire game. The Booyah Lebaran event which was also present on the Indonesian server, turned out to have had many positive responses. Because the gifts given are quite profitable.

Garena will also have many new projects that are reportedly even better for you to try. For now, we have a pretty good Clash Squad Rank Mode. Where are you guys later, will be more challenged in the Rank mode.

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In the future, Garena will also present another new mode that is quite unique. Where later, you fight at the beginning of the match using a knife. So in this way, you might be challenged by the new mode.

Curious? Immediately, we see in the article below.

Latest Gun King Mode Free Fire 2020

This mode is already present on the Free Fire Brazil server with the name Solo Perfect Shot, for Indonesian servers it is commonly known as Gun King Mode. In this mode too, you will find lots of new and interesting features that you can try.

So that the challenges that are accepted by you, become even more pronounced to be tried later. So of course, there are some best ways to play in Mode like this. That way, all of you will definitely be interested and addicted to playing in this Gun King Mode.

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Tips for Playing in Gun King Free Fire Mode

If you play in this mode, later at the beginning of the match you will only be given knife weapons. But don’t worry, because all players will get this weapon at the beginning of the match so it can be said that it is quite fair.

After you successfully kill the enemy using the knife, later you will all get weapons that are cool enough to use. In this event too, there are 12 weapons that you can use later.

In fact, one of these weapons is a powerful Auto Headshot Free Fire Weapon. So if you get it, you can guarantee that Headshot can be done very easily. Well in the following too, there are several explanations for weapons that you can use.

  • Knife
  • Launcher
  • MP40
  • Scar
  • M249
  • M1887
  • UMP
  • M1014
  • AWM
  • G18
  • CG15
  • VSS
  • Grenade
  • Machete / Machete

If you kill the enemy, the weapons you use will change. For example, if you use a knife at the beginning of the match, after successfully killing the enemy, you will be able to use the Launcher.

But if you reach the last weapon, the Machete, then those of you who manage to kill the enemy will get Booyah. Of course, the more recent, surely the challenges given are also more exciting. Because you will only be equipped with machete weapons.

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Even though you are only equipped with these weapons, you can try Tips for Using Melee in the Last Zone. The problem is that for this part, it is quite the same as what happened in Gun King mode.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.