Tips for recording Facebook Messenger video calls on Android

As social media users, surely you already know the Facebook application, right? This application is still popular today because it provides many features and services, and also continues to provide innovation in the application.

Facebook is also an application that in addition to providing messenger and chat features, Facebook has also developed its newest feature, namely video calls.

The feature provided for you, its users, is so that you can make video calls to other Facebook users easily and quickly while meeting face to face in two directions.

For those of you who have a hobby of chatting or are running long distance relationships, aka LDR, or doing distance learning, distance learning, and others, of course the video call feature is very useful.

Because by using a video call, you can come face to face with your partner or friends and chat as if you were chatting for real.

It’s just that it’s not uncommon, as users of the Facebook video call feature, want to record the video calls you make, right?

But due to the unavailability of access or other features to record video when making calls, it makes you less satisfied.

Because who will know if when a video call with your partner and friends happens, unique and funny things happen, or there is something important that you should record at that time.

Then how do you record a video call?

Below are some steps you can take if you want to record an ongoing video call.

The first step you have to do is download the application AZ Screen Recorder in your Android playstore service.

After that, please open and run the AZ Screen Recorder application which is already installed on Android.

The next step, you can make basic settings starting from video quality, resolution, and many others according to the needs you think you need.

After that, please open the Facebook application and make a video call as usual. Don’t forget to tap the “record” option or the button with a video image on the front screen.

When you are finished, go back to the AZ Screen Recorder application and ap the “Stop” option. That way, automatically the screen recording video when you make a video call will be saved to your smartphone gallery.

That was an article regarding tips on recording Facebook Messenger video calls on your Android smartphone.

Hopefully the information above can provide knowledge, knowledge, and many benefits for all of you.

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