Tricks to Get Skin or Hero in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends

This time we will discuss about getting skins or heroes in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends that you can use. Lots of features found in the Mobile Legends game. Not only providing paid ones, Mobile Legends also presents several features to support you missqueen and one of them is Lucky Spin this time. There is a Skin Pharsa Wings of Heaven in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends, which must know how to get a skin or hero for free!

Lucky Spin is a feature that has been around for a long time in the Mobile Legends game. This feature is a mainstay of free players or the term Missqueen who wants skins for free.

Having previously found a prize for the hero Ling. This time you can get Pharsa’s skin – Wings Of Heaven for free on the latest Lucky Spin in the Mobile Legend game. To get it, you can listen to the following tips.

Ways and tricks to get free skins or heroes at Lucky Spin Mobile Legends

Actually, the Tricks to Get Skin or Hero in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends is quite easy if you have lots of tickets that you can spin as much as possible. Of course this is to get this Pharsa skin, but if not, then there’s a surefire trick to get it.

Spin After Playing

Don’t draw carelessly, first you can wait and play as usual. There is a myth that is quite popular and seems to be effective in getting a skin on this Lucky Spin. When you finish playing and get victory in the match, then do a skin, if you are lucky, your chances of getting this skin are very high. It could be, once a spin you can get it.

Do 5 Draw and Turn Off Animation

Mobie Legends Skin Lucky Spin Pharsa

Next, you can draw and in this way, you can definitely get the Pharsa Lucky Spin Skin in Mobile Legends. Do not believe? Just try it. First prepare at least 1000 tickets before drawing, then click 5x Draw and turn off animation. Draw several times with a consumption of 100 tickers per draw.

If you have 1000 tickets, you will have the opportunity to draw 10x and in that draw you will definitely get it. This method is often used minimally and the results can definitely be obtained. But unfortunately, Mimin ran out of tickets yesterday to get the hero Ling.

Do Draw By Pressing the Skin Icon Pharsa

Mobie Legends Skin Lucky Spin Pharsa

It’s a bit used but many believe this method is successful enough to get the Lucky Spin Mobile Legends Pharsa Skin. The method itself is quite easy and simple.

First proceed to spin, before pressing Star, you can press the Skin Pharsa main prize and then press start. Do this method over and over. In this way, the myth is that many people can get free skins with minimal tickets.

But you have to keep trying to get it. You must have an airy soul. In addition, of course, to get free skins at the Lucky Spin event, you must have high luck. This event could cost you thousands of tickets to get just one skin. But this can already help free players to get skins for their favorite heroes.


So that’s enough for this review for tips on getting the Pharsa Wings of Heaven skin at the latest Lucky Spin event in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully this review can be useful and you can get skin for free. Well, when else to get it, so let’s try and bet your luck in getting the latest skin from Pharsa

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