PUBG Mobile Lite VS Free Fire (FF), What are the 6 Differences?

PUBG Mobile Lite VS Free Fire (FF), what is the difference between the two games? Here, my esports will be thoroughly discussed about it.

Free Fire and PUBG are among the most popular online games for Indonesians today. Seeing the PUBG Mobile game that is too big to eat RAM in it makes potato cellphones even more objectionable to playing this one game. So, Tencent launched an even smaller version, namely PUBG Mobile Lite.

Free Fire existed before the existence of PUBG Mobile Lite, these two games are a comparison for which many people are better. Here we will explore a few things about the comparison between the Free Fire game and PUBG Mobile Lite. Immediately, here is a comparison of free fire (ff) vs pubg mobile lite.

On this occasion we will provide a review of some of the differences between the Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile Lite game, which comparisons between the two games are quite interesting for us to discuss!

Here are 6 differences in PUBG Mobile Lite VS Free Fire (FF):

  1. Gameplay

When viewed from the gameplay side, the two do not have a very striking difference, but rather thin. Both are light versions, namely Free Fire 600 mb, while PUBG Mobile Lite is 500 mb. Both of them can be used for smartphones that have low specifications.

In addition, PUBG Mobile Lite is also supported by the Unreal Engine 4 technology which is able to support low cellphone specifications. Meanwhile, Free Fire looks more striking because in it there are various kinds of characters with skills that you can rely on when fighting against their opponents.

  1. Weapons

After seeing from the game play side, comparison of Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile Lite the next one is from the weapon side. For Free Fire, there are 18 weapons that you can use for battle. While PUBG Mobile Lite has 25 weapons, where every update that takes place there will be a new weapon in it.

For PUBG Mobile Lite weapons are deliberately made sicker than PUBG Mobile. This is so that the game in the game can end quickly when facing its enemies. In contrast to Free Fire, the weapons can be used according to the character you are using.

PUBG Mobile Lite VS Free Fire (FF) Map

When viewed from the side of the map, who is superior? Free Fire has 3 maps in it, namely Mad Dog, Bermuda, and defeated. Meanwhile, for the PUBG Mobile Lite map, there is only one type of map, Erangel, which can be played in two modes, namely casual and war.


When viewed from the graphic side, Free Fire is superior to PUBGM Lite. Both of them do have a small size capacity, but for PUBG Mobile Lite, there is no visible effect on grass, water, hair, and clothes. Unlike Free Fire, you will find this effect.

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Comparison of FF vs PUBG Lite which is then seen in terms of specifications. For PUBG Mobile Lite, it has a minimum RAM that must be used 1 GB, Android OS 4.3, and 500 MB of storage. Meanwhile, for Free Fire, the minimum RAM that must be used is 1 GB, Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream, and 600 MB of storage.

Looking at today, it seems that the quality of the cellphone is above average with at least 2 GB of RAM. To download this one game is fairly easy because it doesn’t take up too much RAM. Well, for those of you who have low HP specifications, you can play these two types of games.

PUBG Mobile Lite VS Free Fire (FF) characters

For characters, don’t ask, PUBG mobile lite has a few characters, while free fire has lots of characters that can be used while playing.

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