5 Best Combo Skill Heroes in Mobile Legends, ML Players Must Know!

By attacking enemies on mobile legends, you definitely won’t use the original skill. Therefore, you need the correct skill sequence to be more effective in attacking. This is called a combo, you usually use this. Many heroes with combos can easily attack enemies and even make it difficult for them to move. This time we will discuss some of the best Mobile Legends hero skill combos that you can use during the ML game

Usually, the one who can do the combo easily is a Fighter or mage hero. but there are still many heroes who have deadly combos that can kill enemies in an instant. The following is a collection of the best Hero Combo skills in Mobile Legends that you can use.


Chou has a lot of dash and CC skills which make it easy to attack enemies and perform combos. You can use skill 1 to approach the enemy followed by dash skill 2 and use skill 1 again 2x and end with Ultimate which makes him a good Finisher. You could say the combination is like this. S1> ATTACK> S2> S1> S1> S3> S3. Because skill 1 can be used 3 times and the last use will cause stun, you can stun the enemy easily. Usually you will target the enemy Mage or marksman who has a little blood.


Guinevere can stun lock using the Airborne skill and extend it with the Ultimate allowing her to lock multiple heroes at once. Guinevere’s combos are fairly easy and only rely on a few skills. Skill 1 can be used as a poke where, when hit by an enemy the CD will be cut. Skill 2 is dash and Airborne when hit by enemy heroes and can be used again to dash to escape. The ultimate gives DPS around it and if an enemy is hit by Airborne then the CC will be extended. Guinevere’s combo is very simple. You only have to use Skill 2 to give Airborne effect and then extend it with the ultimate.

However, it will be even fiercer because Guinevere has a Passive which increases her Basic attack. This is more or less the order. S2> S3> BASIC ATTACK> S1. by inserting the Basic attack you will be able to provide additional damage if the enemy does not die when finished using Ultimate.


This hero can block enemies who can use Dash or blink. You only have to attract the enemy, use Ultimate and then stun it to hold it. more or less the order like this S1> S3> S2. This combo will hold the enemy in the anti dash circle and give DPS damage to the enemy. You can use this simple combo to catch a Mage like Harith, so that he doesn’t use the blink skill.

Therefore Minsitthar can be used as a hero with a deadly combo. By following the combo sequence above you can make the enemy no longer move with this skill from Minsitthar. Besides that, you can also make your own combos using Minsitthar so that you can make it a deadly hero.


Ruby can lock multiple enemies with fierce combo skills. You can draw the enemy then dash forward then lock it with the ulti, after that for additional damage you can dash back after using the ulti then use skill 1 as additional damage. More or less the order is like this S2> S3> S1 Add a dash in every skill usage because you will get a stack in each dash.


Silvanna has a Combo skill that can lock 1 hero and give a DPS effect. You can lock the hero with the ultimate then be given DPS from skill 2. After that, if the enemy Hero is still not dead you can use skill 1 to be stunned then use skill 1 again to chase him. More or less the order is like this S3> S2> S1> S1 . To activate skill 1 again, you have to hit skill 1 towards the enemy so you can dash.

Those are 5 Combo skills that you can use to kill enemy heroes easily. You can give stun locks in the correct order of skill usage. And also, the damage given will be more effective with each attack.

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