Tommy Gun PUBG Mobile, see 5 reasons why you should use it!

PUBG Mobile has a type of weapon that is intended for close combat, this type of weapon is called the SMG or Submachine Gun. SMG itself has various names of weapons in it, one of which is Tommy Gun.

At first, the Tommy Gun was a weapon that was underestimated, but now it is actually attractive to most players at PUBG Mobile. Here are the reasons why you should use the Tommy Gun, see the explanation!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Tommy Gun PUBG Mobile

Tommy Gun

1. Great Damage

Since Tommy Gun first appeared, he has had great damage, even when compared to the UMP45, even though this weapon still has a damage ratio that is not too far away.

Tommy Gun is said to be a competitor for the PP-19 Bizon weapon, which turns out to have less damage compared to Tommy Gun.

When players rely too much on SMGs with 9mm bullets like Micro Uzi and Vector, they forget that the SMG 45 ACP shells with similar performance can be found on Tommy Gun!

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2. Fast Fire Rate

You may not really like the UMP45 character with big damage but slow fire rate, so in the end you prefer to use Micro Uzi. Did you know that Tommy Gun has much greater damage than Micro Uzi?

In addition to its large damage, Tommy Gun also has a high or fast fire rate, so this weapon is really suitable for close combat. Tommy Gun is one of the SMG weapons that you really can rely on to close combat, you know!

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3. Light recoil

Tommy Gun cannot be paired with SMG’s Muzzle Compensator, but PUBG Mobile does this without a reason. The Tommy Gun has incredibly good recoil, very straight.

The density of the bullets is almost like the Micro Uzi, coupled with greater damage. Its ability to only use RDS and Holo scopes is actually a plus point because it can reduce recoil even more.

Tips for using Tommy Gun, don’t use this weapon by shooting in the proning position, OK! The rounded magazine will disturb and actually make your shot bounce out of whack.

4. Many Magazine Bullets

Tommy Gun is the second weapon after the PP-19 Bizon which has a large number of bullets in its magazine, which is 50 bullets!

Interestingly, unlike the PP-19 Bizon which cannot be attached with an attachment magazine, Tommy Gun can use all the attachment magazines belonging to SMG, you know!

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5. Can be used when riding a 2-wheeled vehicle

It must be a fun thing when you can shoot enemies while riding a two-wheeled vehicle or motorbike, right? Most of the weapons in PUBG Mobile cannot be used while riding a motorbike, but Tommy Gun can!

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So, are you now interested in using the Tommy Gun? Come on, immediately go to the lobby and visit your favorite maps. Thank you for listening!